WYCON cosmetics is an Italian brand founded in 2009 based on an idea by Gianfranco Satta, a well-known businessman and distributor of female cosmetics, and Rafaela Pagano, product manager, who has an extensive knowledge of the make-up and body care world.

The idea behind the project was simple but complex at the same time: breaking the cosmetics market schemes, characterized exclusively by brands that provided products at exorbitant prices, to offer all women the opportunity buy high quality make up, skin and body care collections at the right price, accessible to everyone.
An important growth path based on a philanthropically-inspired mission.
Experience with the industry, along with a knowledge of the entire production chain and beauty trends, were the basis on which a retail concept was created to meet the needs of women, every day: intuitively, expensive intermediary stages between the producer and consumer were eliminated, investing in the quality of texture and skin feel while maintaining a highly competitive market position.
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Why pay three times as much for a product that isn’t worth it? This was the question WYCON cosmetics tried to answer with the opening of its first store, offering a collection entirely made in Italy. This was so appreciated by consumers that it has now become a market-leading brand in Italy, with over 120 stores selling exclusively our own products in the most important retail locations, alongside a European presence in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, and Belgium.
Experience of the partners who founded the brand the team’s passion saw their vision become reality


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